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Having developed websites for years, specialising in creative user experiences and crafting complex designs, it felt only right to expand into application development. This area spans from native mobile applications on iOS and Android, to progressive website apps (PWA) built in the browser.

There’s a huge mobile market out there, too big to even bother quantifying. Apps are a great way to tap into that market, and interactive with your desired target audience on a device they’re comfortable with. Leveraging native mobile hardware can be an incredibly beneficial for providing a user experience that visitors are familiar with, and it allows your app to provide more advanced features. Being able to use cool hardware like the camera, touch ID, and even things unseen by the untrained eye such as the iOS scroll accelerometer.

There are plenty of other scenarios, besides a mobile app, where you may require an application developed. If you’re wanting to show off your brand at an expo, or looking for an internal app to help manage your company. The possibilities are limitless, and having your very own app really adds that extra layer of professionalism to your company.


A premium user experience

Benefits of an app

  • Better personalisation by leveraging user configurations
  • Use mobile device features like the camera or GPS
  • Have your application work offline
  • Increases brand presence on mobiles
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App Specific Services

Application development is forever changing and improving. Hire a developer that likes to keep up with it all.

Mobile App Development

An experienced app developer specialising in creating intuitive bespoke mobile solutions for iOS and Android devices. Building native mobile apps to work cross platform is an enjoyable challenge, and the end results are professional user-friendly apps finished to a high standard.

So let me take your idea (no matter how crazy) and develop it into a stunning mobile app that your users will love!

Progressive Web Apps

PWAs, or progressive web apps, are a great midway point between a website and a native mobile app. They allow functionality more bespoke for an app, but with the flexibility of a website.

User Interface & Experience

Users expectations from an app are high, and hitting that bar is what will bring success. Let's combine your product knowledge with my development expertise to push that bar higher.

Exhibition Apps

Stand out from the crowd at your next expo by showing off your brand in all its glory with a professional app. Immersive app experiences to attract and educate potential customers.