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Desktop Application Development

Have you ever looked for a piece of software but never quite found something that fulfils all your business needs? Maybe it’s a resource planning tool, or software to track time for your employees. Whatever it may be, you don’t have to settle for second best.

Although it’s quite a niche market, bespoke desktop applications can be incredibly useful for improving and automating internal processes. With a custom built application you can get all the bells and whistles you desire, without having to subscribe to a pricing plan for a pre-built app.

All applications work across Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Windows apps come with an easy to use installer, and once the software is installed for the first time all future updates will feed through as automatic app updates.

Bespoke Internal Tooling

Common Bespoke Desktop Apps

  • Company Resource Planners
  • Time Tracking & Timesheet Logging
  • CRM Systems
  • Collaboration Tools for Employees
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