Adam Mould

Early Years Nursery

Project Name:
Early Years Nursery
Milton Keynes College
Website Design, Website Development

The Early Years Nursery has been part of Milton Keynes College’s Chaffron Way campus since its inception in 1999. The online presence of the nursery was only visible through individual pages scattered throughout the College’s main website, so in 2017 it was time for the nursery to receive its own dedicated website.

The Challenge

The nursery wanted their own unique online presence, with a playful and visually engaging website. With the nursery growing constantly, they needed any easy way for the staff to amend content on the website without having to do anything too technical. Search engine rankings were also a big factor, and the nursery wanted to begin appearing in search engine listings for nurseries in the local area.

The Result

Another successful collaboration with Milton Keynes College resulted in a brand new website for The Early Years Nursery. With a playful design and a fast performing site, the nursery quickly began seeing an uplift in visitors to the website and subsequent online enquiries.

The business requirements for an easy to edit website lead me down the route of creating a WordPress platform, with a stripped back admin panel to help nursery staff navigate the content easily. Every area of the WordPress admin was labelled with helpful information, and by removing unnecessary ares such as “Tools” and “Settings”, the staff quickly picked up the basic of editing content and since the launch have managed the majority of the website independently. The websites responsiveness and performance was a big factor from a technical perspective. With Google ranking mobile first, and preferring fast performing sites, I made sure the website’s build was benefitting search engine rankings as much as possible.