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Website Development

Creative Development

Creative development, to me, is the concept where a developer can not only write the syntax required to convert your design to code, but can harness the power of code to transform your flat design to something with life. When users interact with your site it should be engaging, providing positive impact to the users experience with your website. Acquiring visitors isn’t just a case of marketing, it’s a combination of rememberable designs boasting a fluid browsing experience.

Make your websites stand out from the crowd, and the competition.

Website Development

Fully Responsive

Reach a broader audience, with an stunning website optimised for all devices and viewports. Crafting a responsive website is a key way of future-proofing your site and ensuring you cater for the ever-changing way people browse websites. It’s not just beneficial for human visitors – Google’s ranking algorithm has shifted towards mobile first indexing, so responsiveness is a must have to maintain and boost your search engine ranking

Challenging designs that need to be made responsive are always good fun, so bring ’em on!

Website Development

Super Performant

Did you know that as many as 40% of users will abandon a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load?

Beautiful designs can sometimes lead to heavy page sizes, negatively affecting users perceived performance. I’ve seen, and tackled this, at an incredibly large scale. Performance is constantly on the agenda when developing projects, and wherever I can keep the page weight on a diet I will. Vector based images, browser caching, concatenation and minification, and much more…it’s all part of what I do.

Before delivering a project to you, the code will undergo numerous performance tests and tweaked to perform at its best. I will not only focus on the measurable metrics like the full page load time, but I will also optimise the markup to prioritise loading of content and imagery. This means the website is not only fast on paper, but feels smooth and responsive for real users.

Website Development

Hand Crafted

To a developer, the codebase is a form of art. Every one of my projects are hand crafted ensuring coding readability is at its highest. Focusing on coding semantics and best practises, I make sure it’s not just the visuals of the website that are finessed.

It all starts with defining a development stack that allows ease of development, but most of all consumer satisfaction. Software changes too quickly to sit with a predefined set of tools in your tool-belt. I approach each project with a fresh look and mould the development around the project requirements and target audience.

Website Development

Highly Scalable

Whether you’re looking for a hobby website, or developing a multi-million pound enterprise solution, websites start somewhere. How they’re built from the start makes a huge impact on how easily they can be maintained, and expanded upon in the future. There’s tons of jokey developer acronyms for code, like WET code (write everything twice) or DRY code (don’t repeat yourself). They all boil down to a single concept; coding best practises. Keeping code simple is what I’ve found to be most effective, as it becomes easy for anyone to pick up and understand, and lending itself perfectly to future scaling.

Code is like a joke – if you need to explain it, it’s not good.

No fuss website development

Outsource with Confidence

  • High quality development from a UK based midlands developer
  • Thorough testing and website optimisation prior to code being delivered
  • Comfortable representing a company in-front of clients
  • Scalable codebase allowing future features to be implemented with ease
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A friendly developer with a passion for website development. No middlemen, no sales jargon, just straight up developer goodness.

Bespoke Website Development

Expert website development tailored to your requirements and budget. Popular content management system integrations, completely custom website creations, or high-sales eCommerce platforms – no project is too complex. Let’s take your brief, and create something magical.

A Quality Finish

I know not just how a website should look, but how it should feel. Empower your design with a developer to compliment their skillset.

Search Engine Optimisation

Help your website rank higher and get noticed. From semantic markup to structured schema data, there's many areas where quality development can increase your search ranking.

Stress Free Outsourcing

Right the way from rough wireframes in pen and paper, to the finished production site up and running, I can help take the stress out of website creation and deployment.