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Safe and secure

All of my servers go through initial and continual security procedures to ensure the content on them is safe. By default, I lock down all servers to be password-less and only allow authentication via secure private SSH keys. This level of encryption means it’s impossible to gain access via brute force.

Following on from the initial security setup, I configure each server purely for its desired purpose. If you need a LAMP stack, then that’s what on the box. If you want a Node & MongoDB setup, that’s what it’ll have. There will be no excessive baggage that could become outdated and turn into a security vulnerability.

Custom hosting options

Tailored Solution

With each project that requires hosting, I’ll piece together a solution that compliments the project and its needs. I’ll work with you to advise on hosting options available, and my personal recommendations. Once we’re aligned on the hosting that’s right for you, I’ll jump into my command line and start geeking out, crafting the hosting option ready for use.

Moving forward I’ll ensure all hosting solutions can cope with horizontal and vertical scaling. If you’re unfamiliar with these concepts, horizontal scaling is the method of adding extra servers or machines to a group of resources to provide more power, whereas vertical scaling is the method of just adding more processing power to your current server.

Lean and mean hosting

Super Fast

Response time is crucial to keeping visitor bounce rates low and getting the most from your website. When hosting your project I’ll ensure the environment is perfectly suited to show off your website and perform well.

I’ve frequently achieved load times of under 2 seconds on WordPress builds, through a combination of optimised site code and powerful hosting solutions. Datacenters can be located in the UK, and the use of global content delivery networks can further reduce the overall time it takes a user to see your site.

Grow with your business

Easily Scalable

Most websites launch with an initial MVP…no, not “Most Valuable Player”, I’m talking about “Minimum Viable Product”. This is like a line in the sand where you’re happy to kick start your project with its current set of features. At this stage, you may not need huge powerful servers with multiple cores and crazy RAM. That’s normal, and there are basic hosting packages to account for these type of projects.

When you do grow however, you don’t want the hassle of moving your domain and codebase across multiple servers because it has outgrown its previous. Instead, we can just look to horizontally or vertically scale your existing server. If you’re after a bit more hard drive space or another processing core, then we can add that on easily, without downtime to your website. And if you’re really growing, we can look at chaining together multiple servers to allow continuous growth of your website at a larger scale.

Hosting you can trust

Reliable Hosting

Let’s be real, hosting is something that every website has to have. If something goes wrong, the last thing you want to be doing is calling a customer call centre and waiting in a queue for 20 minutes. When enlisting me to manage your website hosting I’m at the other end of a phone willing to help.

It’s not just the physical hosting space you’re getting with me, it’s also the benefit of having a single point of contact to raise issues or ask any questions. That sort of personalised service you’re unlikely to receive from a large hosting company, and sometimes it is exactly what’s needed.

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