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The Power of WordPress

Control Your Content

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the market today. The sleek admin interface gives people of all technical abilities the power to control their website and its content, without needing to dive into code. For developers, it allows us to craft custom themes and plugins to give clients the flexibility required to freely make changes.

It doesn’t stop there. WordPress & WooCommerce together is a great solution for anyone looking to create an online eCommerce shop. Product and order management is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to grow your business.

I’ve provided WordPress themes and plugins for dozens of sites, and have authored marketplace quality themes that other developers have been able to offer to their clients. With my advanced understanding of WordPress, I’m able to use the platform in all its glory to build something amazing with you.

A great choice for users

Why Use WordPress?

  • Highly customisable for great flexibility
  • eCommerce, blogging, multilingual - it's all covered with WordPress
  • Open source, free to use, software loved by millions
  • Search engine friendly with semantic markup and SEO plugins
  • A safe and secure system for your content
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The WordPress Way

WordPress Specific Services

Hire a professional WordPress developer to help build, grow, or fix your WordPress project.

Theme Development

WordPress themes are the centrepiece of any WordPress website. They’re a collection of files that make up the visual interface of your website, and account for a huge section of your WordPress site. Themes can be completely custom for your requirements, including features such as;

  • Fully-fledged eCommerce shop
  • Multilingual website support
  • Page builder implementation for maximum flexibility

Themes are such an integral part of your WordPress site, and for that reason all of my themes are hand-crafted following WordPress best practises. This allows me to safeguard your theme from future performance issues, and allows the admin user tons of flexibility when editing the site.

Check out some of my recent work for examples of WordPress websites I’ve developed.

Plugin Development

Plugins are a great way to provide specific features that can be activated with one click of a button. Whether it's an admin panel enhancement, or a website template improvement, plugins give WordPress users the ability to scale their sites with ease.

Site Performance

As WordPress sites grow, like all software, they can start to become slow and under perform. That's where you need a true WordPress expert to properly optimise the site. Plugins may claim to fix performance issues, but in reality nothing compares to a developer's ability to investigate and fix your website.

Decoupled CMS Setup

Using WordPress as a headless CMS has only recently become possible due to the introduction of a built-in REST API. In basic terms, it allows a completely bespoke website or web app to just use the WordPress admin interface to edit and store content. This is truly cutting-edge, and few projects have tapped into this amazing capability.