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Are you looking for a creative website that will effectively transform your business and help you to excel? Do you need an innovative web application that is easily accessible and truly enhances your services?

I am an independent freelance web developer looking for the next exciting project where I can utilise my skills, helping individuals and businesses stand out in their digital sectors.

I work primarily in Milton Keynes and local surrounding areas, such as Bedford and Northampton. However I am also confident to support clients in more remote areas of the UK. Whether you’re a one-man band or digital agency needing a skilled resource, I am confident I can assist you on your next project.

Extremely experienced with years of expertise, I have worked in senior/lead development roles for a number of fast-paced marketing agencies. I have also worked on huge enterprise level websites which are currently worth millions.

So take a look around, and if you like what you see get in touch and let’s have a chat!

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Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you come work in our office?

Of course! I’m a huge advocate of collaborative working and enjoy teaming up with talented designers and UX engineers to develop innovative software. I’m primarily based at my home office but whenever possible like to meet and work alongside others. I have found this to be beneficial not only for myself but also for my clients, ensuring face to face communication whenever they wish.

Where are you based?

I am based in the small town of Bletchley, located in Milton Keynes. When I am not at my home office I can often be found in the local coffee shops, enjoying a large coffee and using my MacBook to further expand my knowledge on web development and creative software.

I also regularly commute to Northampton, Bedford and surrounding areas, so if you’re local to me then drop me a line and I will happily meet to discuss your project ideas further.

Can you just host my website?

Certainly! I manage numerous servers for my clients including VPS, cloud hosted and fully dedicated servers.

All the servers I manage have particularly high security and cannot be accessed without a private SSH key setup (which is nearly impossible to decipher by brute force alone).

Based on your business requirements I can specify a tailor-made solution that could include features such as:

  • Regular server backups for files and databases.
  • Locally based data centres to ensure a fast server response time.
  • Optional CDN implementation for static assets such as images/videos (this will enable visitors to quickly access content).

Software solutions for business requirements

It's Not Rocket Science

  • Collaborate directly with a senior developer
  • Complete end-to-end development
  • Agile development approach with easy scalability
  • Quality code guaranteed to future-proof your site
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Behind The Screens

About Me

Web Developer

Adam Mould

Hey there! So I'm obviously a bit of a web enthusiast, and a self-proclaimed nerd when it comes to websites and software in general. I've worked in marketing agencies for over 3 years, and spent a further 2 years in-house working for a huge eCommerce company. I love talking about my time at design agencies, as I worked on such a variety of projects and met so many cool people, that it's partly the reason I'm a freelancer now.

When I'm away from my keyboard (it's a rare sight) I'm into my gaming and enjoy playing a bit of Destiny, or putting on my VR headset and going into an alternate universe. I also have a gorgeous little blue staffy named Lola, who's my work buddy and keeps me company when I'm at home.

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Plan for success

Scope & Approach

Gone are the days where “one size fits all”…

I don’t want to predefine a tech stack for you just because it worked elsewhere. I want to have a clear understanding of your project so we can create a unique design, specifically tailored to your needs.

I enjoy meeting to discuss project ideas upfront as this ensures we align ourselves with the end goal and set client expectations. It is the perfect opportunity for me to recommend an ideal software architectural approach for the project, with the end user at the forefront of all decisions. And don’t worry I promise I won’t bore you with developer jargon!

Down to business

Kick Off

Once the project has been scoped it can be very beneficial to have a kick off, allowing time for the designer and myself to discuss your vision.  For example we can decide upfront how the design should look and feel and ensure it is tailored to your project needs. I personally allow the designer to lead this as more often than not they have creative ideas on how everything should piece together.

Where the magic happens


Time for me to work my magic! I will take the chosen designs and bring them to life, ensuring the design is fully functional and developed to a high standard. Areas such as site performance, accessibility, browser compatibility, and many more will be covered during this development stage, so you can be sure the end result looks impressive and works smoothly.

My Services

Testing 1, 2, 3...

Test & Optimise

During every project I always take the time to test as this can significantly influence the final website. I have expertise from working on large platforms which has enabled me to understand the importance of accurate testing. Combining my extensive knowledge with a range of tooling skills I will deliver effective browser and functional testing. As a result I will determine whether the website works successfully on all required browsers and that it is compatible with a wide variety of technological devices.

Optimisations at this stage are usually geared towards overall performance and search engine enhancement. For example when increasing site performance I will guarantee that caching is setup correctly, that assets are compressed efficiently and that the project is blazing fast. There are a ton of simple optimisations that collectively make a huge difference to a project so I know it’s worth investing a bit of time to get these in place.

First Class Delivery


My work isn’t done until the project is live and we’re all celebrating its success! Depending on your requirements I am happy to provide further support at this stage. For example I can assist in deploying the project to a production environment and ensuring the website goes live stress free. I can also babysit the website after the launch, monitoring its progress and informing you of any technical improvements that could be made.

In regards to website hosting I would be happy to help transfer the website to an existing server. In addition to this I can also host the website for you. I manage numerous servers, with dozens of websites, so I have substantial knowledge on what makes website hosting successful.

Website Hosting

An unfair advantage

Outsource with Confidence

Leverage the years of knowledge and expertise I’ve acquired to ensure your next project rockets to success.

“Pixel perfect” to me is just converting designs to working code…that’s the easy part. Taking a design and bringing it to life is when your end product truly wows your audience. Visitors should be captivated by elegant designs, and amazed by easy to use interfaces – they’re the kind of sites people remember.

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